occasional art

Working with the questions of human experience without the entanglement of corporate structures leads to greater empathy of our shared experience.


Experiential Art Project

Liminal Qualia uses analog light and sound to create an experience of synthesis, allowing people to "Experience the Threshold of Sensory Perception"

As primary producer, LQ is an ongoing collaborative art and noise project focusing on found art, raw light and sound, and human perception. It is continually evolving. Let's collaborate on something.

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Found object
noise art

everything resonates

The art project "Liminal Qualia" started with a series of questions about humans and our inherent knowledge of the sound things make.

3 industrial-style large-scale "instruments" were born.

String: A wooden parking lot guardrail re-imagined to allow its sound to come out via physics and tenacity.

Chimes: Using the engineering principle of "least amount of parts", this "trash" was refined into harmonious noise for all to try.

Spring: What to do with garage door spring gifted to you? Wonder what it really sounds like, and make a giant reverb machine (not pictured).

Special thanks to Nathan and Zachary for following the vibe.


oblique obscura

as soon as you look,
things change

Photography, large format printing, glass acid etching, LED lighting and electrical configuration.

aprox size: 3' x 6.5'


Sugar Hammer

Things are not
what they are made of

Mold making and a bit of chemistry with sugar.

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aprox size: 5" x 16"


A Drop in Time

exploring the space
between words

Vintage style —  Motion Montage

Robert Whyte:
Concept, creative direction, producer,  photography, video production, words.

Robert T. Whyte & Marketa Garces 

Art Dorety, Chris Dorety, Juan M. Garces

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"A Drop in Time" (3 minute video) 

Collaboration is the best!


everything is right in front of you



form, color, sound, motion... memory and aspirations